2008-2009 World Bank Mongolia Energy Project: Electricity Distribution Loss Reduction in Selected Aimags: Financial & Technical Supports for Aimags

Mongolian Energy Project funded by the IDA credit with purpose of reducing system losses and improving revenue collection in electricity distribution companies in Mongolia, is ongoing and one of its components is aimag component. The objective of this component is provide investment support to improve system reliability and reduce losses, and training and technical assistance in financial management and network planning, design,operation and maintenance. The objectives of this assignment are to: -develop and implement in the aimag utilities, an organization and management system appropriate for the efficient operations of a modern small distribution utility in Mongolia; – provide assistance in loss reduction activities and strengthening of financial management systems, business plan in the aimag utilities,- Provide assistance to aimag utilities in implementation of the proposed programs and addressing capacity building and training needs. The Local Consultants shall carry out the following: collecting all data of existing aimag utilities such as operational data, management practices, future expansion requirements, organization and management structures etc. and carrying out preliminary analyses. The Local Consultant will also be involved in carrying out any further analytical work; assist the international consultant to develop a proposed structure for organization and management of the aimags; The proposed design concepts shall be negotiated and approved by the MFE of Mongolia and Boards of Directors of aimag utilities before implementing and the local consultant will participate at such deliberation sand provide any required information; assist the international consultant inpreparing operational procedures, data base formats etc for improved utility operations and management; provide direct assistance to each aimag in improving aimag utilities distribution operations, maintenance and planning practices;and Provide ‘hands-on’ assistance to each aimag in the implementation of the programs developed in association with the international consultant. The Local Consulting firm/team shall work closely with the aimag utilities to implement new procedures in the various activities to enable them to be operating at the desired levels of efficiency. Under the task of assisting aimag utilities incapacity building, the Local Consulting firm will carry out suitable training(both on the job and structured training programs) to enable the aimag utilities to implement efficiently the new procedures and practices.

Year: 2008-2009

Client: World Bank Mongolia Energy Project

Financed by: World Bank