2010-2011 ADB/JFPR 9139-MON: Demonstration Project for Improved Electricity Services to the Low-Income Communities in Rural Areas

The project improved quality of life in bag centers (smallest administrative unit). The outcome will be extended electrification in rural areas using the single-wire earth return (SWER) electricity distribution system. The outputs of this demonstration project were (i) improved electricity service for public buildings and residential units in the demo areas; (ii) acceptance of the SWER system as a low-cost viable option for electrification in rural areas, and(iii) policy recommendation for further expansion of rural electrification in Mongolia. 9 bag center were electrified by using the SWER technology. MonEnergy has prepared studies for introducing a single wire earth return power transmission and distribution system in Mongolia. MonEnergy has prepared detailed design drawings for electrifying 9 towns centers in 4 Aimag centers. Approximate distance for each SWER line was 30- 50 km, and voltage of power line was 20.4 kV.

Year: 2010-2011

Client: Manitoba Hydro International, Canada – a prime contract with ADB

Financed by: JFPR / ADB grant