2010-2011 Feasibility Study on Tsaidamnuur Coal Mine Mouth 300MW Power Plant

Performed the Feasibility Studies on Tsaidamnuur coal mining based Power Plant. Studies on the Central Energy System, energy forecast for year 2010-2030, Sustainable Energy Development strategy, energy consumption, energy balance and forecast in Central Energy System, assessment of options for connecting the transmission grids, Grid connection analysis, and regime calculations and steady state calculations on 220kV power transmission lines and 220/110/35/10 kV substations interconnecting Tsaidamnuur Power Station site, Choir and Baganuur towns CES etc.Feasibility studies include:power plant selection, central region power grid, forecast and balance for electric load, role of the plant in the grid, plan for connecting the plant to the grid, location of the plant, coal supply scheme, coal quality, coal transporting, boiler & turbine selection, selection of the plant location,geological studies, ash disposal areas, project planning: capacity of the plant, construction schedule, general plan view of the plant, selection of theunit size, coal conveying, water supply, ash & slug removal, water treatment, electric equipment, flue gas desulfurization, environment protection, environment control, protection of soil, economical assessment,investment needs, financial and economical analysis, conclusions etc.

Year: 2010-2011

Client: Tsaidam Energy LLC

Financed by: Tengri Group