2015-2016 Network Analysis and Feasibility study on Central Energy System under KfW project: Energy Efficiency in Central Transmission and Distribution Network

The feasibility study on Central Energy System of Mongolia was prepared under the KfW project named as “Energy Efficiency in Central Transmission and Distribution Networks”. This project is to contribute to an efficient secured and sustainable power supply provided to the Central Energy System (CES) (National Transmission Grid of Mongolia). The consultant shall undertake a Feasibility Study (technical,financial, economic, and environmental) for Transmission System Improvements at the CES of Mongolia. The scope of the feasibility study shall take place in two steps with individual tasks indicated as the below: (i) review of the ADB’s “Energy Sector Policy Assessment and Development Plan” prepared by eGen and MonEnergy; (ii) verification, implementation and summarizing of power demand forecast up to 2025; (iii)performing a detailed network analysis (steady state/voltage stability analysis, contingency analysis, fault level analysis) at timing 2015, 2020 and 2025 under consideration of extensions, on generation, transmission and demand side; (iv) identification of the most urgent needs/measures for rehabilitation works, extension or upgrade; (v) preparation of rough itemized Cost Estimate for the identified measures; stage 2: (vi) final feasibility study assessment on agreed & prioritized activities; (vii) performing the Initial Environment Examination (IEE); (viii) capacity building and training  aspects; (ix) economic and financial analysis; (x) risk assessment on agreed measures; (xi) development Impact Assessment, (xii) due diligence at PEA; (xiii) tentative procurement plan; etc.It shall focus on 220 kV OHL and 220/110/35 kV substations in the central electricity grid.

Year: Apr. 2015 – Jul. 2016

Client: Lahmeyer International, Germany

Financed by: KfW