2017 Feasibility Studies on the Smart Power Grid and SCADA in the Mongolian power sector.

We conducted the extensive surveys and studies to prepare the pre-feasibility study on the Smart power grid and SCADA in the Mongolian power system. The following works are performed: (i) overview of the Mongolian power sector; (ii) current situation of the National Transmission Grid; (iii) current overhead transmission lines and substations in Mongolia;(iv) existing automation and control system in the National Transmission grid;(v) current SCADA system in the National Dispatching Center; (vi) current information and communication system in the Mongolian power sector; (vii)prepared maps and schemes showing current status of grids and SCADA in the national transmission grid; (viii) prepared a concept of Smart Power Grid and SCADA to be applied in Mongolia; (ix) technological selections and system architecture for smart power grid and new SCADA; (x) conceptual designing and general plans for smart power grid and SCADA in Mongolia; (xi) investment costs(estimates); (xii) project implementation plan (phasing schedule); (xii)financial and economic analysis etc.  

Year: 2017

Client: Institute of Energy Economics under the Ministry of Energy, Mongolia

Financed by: Self-financed