2008-2010 World Bank Renewable Energy & Rural Electricity Access Project: Creation of Soums (small urban towns) Electricity Utility and User Association

The draft work package has been prepared for the development of the Soum Electricity Utility and Soum User Association. Soums are equipped with hybrid system combined with Solar, Wind Power System with diesel stations (14 soums in various provinces). The scope of work is included activities for creating the Soum Electricity Utility and User Association. Works for creating the Soum Electricity Utility consist of : (i) discuss the potential benefits for setting up a soum utility with different parties and identify the optimal soum utility set up; (ii) assist to create a Soum Utility and develop proper business plan;(iii) identify potential savings through small investment in energy efficiency or good housekeeping; and (iv) identify commercial or productive activities for better electricity services. Work for Soum Association consists of : (i) create awareness and provide information about the possibilities to improve soum electricity supplies; (ii) assist the soum population to create a Soum Association; and improve the capacity of the soum association to become a real sparring partner to the soum utility.

Year: 2008-2010

Client: National Renewable Energy Center of Ministry of Fuel & Energy, Mongolia

Financed by: World Bank