2008-2009 Renewable Energy Regulatory Development Roadmap (EBRD sponsored)

The objective is to assist the Energy Regulatory Authority of Mongolia (ERA) to improve the feed-in tariff regime related to electricity generated from renewable energy sources; assess least-cost options for developing renewable energy in Mongolia; assess affordability of renewable energy in the country and formulate a renewable energy regulatory development road map up to 2020. The Consultants will review previous studies, projects,policies and plans; assist the ERA in analyzing the effect of the current feed-in tariff for renewable energy resources and improving renewable feed-in tariff sustainability; develop a renewable energy regulatory development road map (the Road Map) of Mongolia; training of ERA counterpart staff; work with ERA to assess the electricity grid and grid protocols in Mongolia in terms of their suitability for accepting renewable energy generation sources in accordance with the Road Map; work with ERA to further develop the primary/secondary legislation and rules/standards for support of renewable energy in Mongolia; evaluate the CDM national procedures and determine the Carbon Emission Factor (CEF) of the Mongolian electricity grid.

Year: 2008-Mar. 2009

Client: Economic Consulting Associate (UK) – a prime contract with EBRD

Financed by: EBRD