2013-2014 Feasibility Study of a Solar Thermal Power Plant (Concentrated Solar Power – CSP) suitable to Mongolia and the Solar Energy Resource Assessments in Mongolia.

We conducted a feasibility Study of a Solar Thermal Power (CSP) Plant suitable in Mongolian condition. Works are included to (i) install meteorological stations in 4 aimags (provincial) centers and measure DNI (direct normal irradiation); (ii) assess and determine the solar energy resources; (iii) selection of suitable site for solar thermal power plant based on studies for meteorology and environment, geology, engineering geology, hydro geology and solar resources;(iv) technological comparison and selection of suitable solar technologies; (v)technical and technological studies, comparison, selection of solar thermal plant equipment; (vi) prepare conceptual designs of solar power plant; (vii)investment cost, financial and economical evaluations etc. Performed FS for Concentrating Solar Plant with capacity of 50 MW in Sainshand. The feasibility study includes studies on existing electricity and heating supply at the chosen 4 sites, meteorology and environment, geology, hydro geology of the chosen 4 sites, a detailed investigation of a basic environmental condition study,hydro-geological, geologic and seismographic study, underground water recourse study, a study on connection to the electricity transmission grid, a study of heat supply to the Sainshand town at the finally chosen site for construction of the Solar Thermal Power (CSP) Plant, installation of 4 meteorological stations at 4 chosen sites (Sainshand in Dornogovi province, Undurkhaan inKhentii province, Dalanzadgad in Umnugovi province and Tsetserleg in Arkhangai province), measurement of GHI, DNI, DHI, wind speed and direction at 10 m height, ambient temperature, relative humidity, air pressure for 12 months of period and assessment of the available solar recourse. Also includes selection of plant location, conceptual design of the CSP plant, water supply of the plant, selection of size and type of the plant, selection of  the steam generator, steam turbine, cooling system, diesel fuel unloading and storage system for auxiliary boiler, heat transferring fluid handling and storage (ullage) facility,  handling systems, general layout of the CSP plant,  main electric scheme, water treatment plant, electric equipment, instrumentation & control systems,plant building and constructions, water and waste water system, fire-fighting system, plant safety, standard to be followed in the CSP plant,  environmental impact issues and environment protection measures at the plant, organisational chart of the (positions and number of employees) at the plant, possible ways to implement the project to construct the CSP plant, cost estimation, financial and economical evaluations, FS drawings etc.

Year: 2013-2014

Client: Ministry of Energy Mongolia

Financed by: State Budget