2017-2018 ADB PPTA-9224 MON: Upscaling Renewable Energy Project.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) technical assistance (TA) helps upscale renewable energy in remote grid systems in the Mongolia Renewable Energy Investment Plan (MREIP) to contribute to achieving renewable energy capacity in 2023. The consultants are to (i) prepare a project feasibility study (including resource assessment and grid stability analysis) and environment impact assessments for priority sub projects, (ii) conduct due-diligence on several aspects of the priority sub projects, and provide training on ADB’s procurement procedure, disbursement procedure, and environment and social safeguards requirement.  Core sub projects in the Western region of Mongolia are (i) two Solar PV Power Plants, each 10 MW; (ii) one Wind Power Plant, 5 MW; (iii) Small Hydro power Plant upgrading (Uyench HPP); ground-source heat pumps in five locations/buildings in Hovd town.

The pre-feasibility study reports were prepared for the following projects:

  • 10 MW Wind Power Plant in Umnogovi Soum of Uvs Aimag (province)
  • 10 MW Solar PV Plant in Yesonbulag town in Gobi-Altai Aimag
  • 5 MW Solar PV Plant in Uliastai town of Zavkhan Aimag
  • 1 MW Wind Power Plant and Rehabilitation of 0.4 MW Solar PV Plant in Altai Soum of Gobi-Altai Aimag
  • 5 MW Wind Power Plant in Numrud (Telmen) Soum of Zavkhan Aimag
  • 10 MW Solar PV Plant in Murun town of Khuvsgul Aimag.

Ground-source heat pump projects for 5 buildings in the western energy system.

Year: Feb. 2017 – Aug. 2018

Client: Integration, Germany – prime contract with ADB

Financed by: ADB