Brief Profile

“Mon-Energy Consult” Co., Ltd, founded as a consulting and engineering firm in 1994 is operating primarily in the energy/power, electricity, heating, renewable energy, water & sanitation, energy efficiency, power management & policy, urban infrastructure, urban development, urban planning, civil engineering & construction sectors, and environment protection areas. Now, “Mon-Energy Consult” became a leading consulting and engineering firm in energy/power, urban development and construction sectors, and has diversified its business in consulting, engineering, designing buildings, urban infrastructure, urban planning and architectural engineering etc. The company employs technical and economical experts, having essential experiences in energy and power, water and sanitation, academic studies, feasibility studies, research, engineering and design, and construction engineering, and offers expertise in:
• Designing and architectural engineering of buildings, constructions and urban engineering infrastructure systems;
• Water and sanitation /sewerage, waste water treatment/;
• Urban development and urban planning;
• Engineering designing, civil and structural engineering of power plants, electric and heat systems, water and sewerage system, constructions, telecommunication system etc.
• Heat and power industries, district heating systems, electric grids
• Renewable energy projects
• Energy auditing. Energy efficiency
• Clean coal technologies
• Business management
• Energy policy, regulation and planning.
• Pre-feasibility, feasibility studies, policy development, market and forecasting studies
• Urban environment protection and decreasing the impact on the environment caused by energy processes
• Development of tender and equipment procurement documentation
• Information technology and software development
• Organization of scientific and business meetings.
• Mining development, urban infrastructure.

Since the foundation, we have involved in many study and implementation projects executed for the improvement and designing of the energy systems, renewable energy, water & sanitation, urban infrastructure, urban planning, and power management in main cities, small urban centres and rural areas of Mongolia, financed by the various donor organizations namely ADB, EBRD, World Bank, UNDP, JBIC, KfW, etc. We provide reliable engineering designing and consulting services in following areas: thermal power plants, power system networks, district heating system, renewable energy sources, rural electrification, heat supply, water supply & sanitation/ sewerage system in urban and rural towns, energy conservation, energy efficiency, power business management, clean coal technologies, urban engineering infrastructure, urban development & planning, mining development and others. We have provided our consulting and engineering services in over 150 major projects. We became the first Mongolian consulting firm that provided consulting services at international and regional level. We have implemented and certified international standards of ISO 9001(2015) and OHSAS 18001 in our activities and operations. Based on our experiences, works and efforts performed by us, we have gained greater experience and knowledge for the energy, urban development and construction sectors in Mongolia, particularly in rural areas and urban centres, well know the local conditions and actively work for the improvement of the energy, heat, power systems, water supply and sewerage system, urban infrastructure to the needs for the people living in the urban centres and rural areas of Mongolia. The best of our knowledge and experiences obtained past would be useful for the successfully and efficiently implement the captioned project.