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We implemented

projects related with Energy Efficiency

2011 Millennium Challenge Energy Efficiency Innovation Facility. MCA-M: Energy and Environment Project. »

In January 2003, the United States established the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MMC) to admini...

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2010-2011 Developing an Energy Conservation Law and Energy Efficiency Action Plan for Mongolia. »

ADB provided the technical assistance for developing an Energy Conservation Law and a Medium-and Lo...

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2010-2011 EBRD: Assessment of Sustainable Energy Investment Potential in Mongolia. »

The objective of the assignment is to prepare a Market Demand Study that assesses the sustainable e...

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2009-2010 JFPR-9127: Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction from Poor Households »

 The impact of project will be improved quality of life in ger (traditional) housing areas resultin...

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2007-2009 ADB TA 9109-MON: Community-Based Heating Supply in Rural Remote Areas »

 Russian made outdated & low efficient boilers were installed in the smaller urban centers (Sou...

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2007 Terminal Evaluation for “Commercialization of Super Insulated Buildings in Mongolia »

2007 Terminal Evaluation for “Commercialization of Super Insulated Buildings in Mongolia MON/99/G35...

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1997 -1999 Energy Conservation Project »

Installation of heat meters and calibration stand, replacement of district heating pipelines, valve...

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1993 – 1994 Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation and Energy Audit Study Project »

To (i) Measure, monitor and analyze losses in electricity and heat generation and distribution syst...

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