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The spouse will love to mingle around with people who are senior to them and hold a authoritative post in the society. Ketu can show re-connection with spouse in past life. Moon in 11th house in Birth Chart- Gains and Loss Moon in 11th house gives lot of monetary gains and profits from foreigners, friends, sibling, relatives. No matter what kind of marriage the natives indulge in arranged or love they will have a flourishing relationship. They might have a political bent and be successful in government. He will be learned, modest, best of his friends, fond of Brahmins and be free from fear of diseases. The person also gets more inclined to path of spirituality after marriage. Yes, D9 or Navamsa chart is the Birds eye view of the 9th house and from here, a persons destiny can be unfolded. Today, fortunately, technology has been so advanced that there are thousands of apps and applications on the internet that automatically generate our Navamsa Chart without needing the need to calculate them. 2nd House: The second house shows us the wealth through marriage. This also tells us that the person may have a very rich wife. The Moon in 11th house natives get restless, so if they meet you for the first time or the 100th time, dont make them wait. Their financial situation is precarious. For example, if Venus is weak in the Birth chart, but if we find that Venus is positioned in a good status in the Navamsa Chart, the person will not be deprived of marriage but infact, marriage will happen in the persons life and the person will be blessed with children. This channel will make you a astrologer where you won't need to go to anyone, but you will diagnose your problem yourself because no one has more vested interest in you than you. But the native can easily get inclined to occult and mysticism. He was born in a traditional Brahmin family in India West Bengal near Kolkata, The City Of Joy, one of Indias major cities. It is often recommended that the D9 Navamsa chart and the birth chart should be read side by side. This entire channel is hosted by me alone, Kapiel Raaj. The Moon in the 11th house has a great married life. Lets start with the positives. Effect of Moon in this specific house gives career in food industry, medical centers, hospitals, bakery etc. However, they may not get benefit from own family or they may disconnect themselves from family. I take also do Celebrities horoscope with parody, combining my two passion of acting and astrology together which has become a hit on Youtube. Moon in this particular house give income from more than one source but with the help of others. The lord of the zodiac sign or any conjunction of ketu with any other planet will alter the results. Moon in this place makes native happy and satisfied most of the time but there will be days and moment where native will be very vulnerable, irresistible, restless, and self-doubtful. Each Navamsa division meaures 3 20 degrees. Ketu can bring extreme early or late marriage. 11th house in astrology also represents your social sphere and rules your interest in social activities . In Conclusion, the natives will have a good and successful career with their creative abilities and you will make a good amount of fortune with it. Person will be very good at planning, plotting and executing their work with perfection. They could prevail in each work They make. Early in their life, They might have struggled. It may produce three children of same sex. Native will also have more than 1 house in their lifetime. For checking marriage, the 7th house of the D9 chart becomes extremely imporant to analyze and check. 6th house: The 6th house which is one the malefic houses represents arguments that happen in marriage, debts that will be accumulated in marriage and whether a person will be able to pay off those debts or not. Moon in 11th house give multiple source of income with good savings.Moon in 11th house gives lot of property through family, relative and also some gains from-in laws. Some of the best ones are Astro-Sage, it is an app and a Astrology website created by Pundit Pandey and it is by far one of the best Astrology websites on the internet. For planets that are in their own sign 4 points and for planets that are in the friendly sign 3 points. The position of ketu in seventh house of navamsa shows two situations- either the native does not want to get married or they really get good partner who may have connection with past life. Here is the detailed analysis of ketu in different houses of Navamsa chart in vedic astrology Book your consultation now This year has many new learnings and options that will be offered to you, so welcome it with an open hand. 6th house It represents debt accumulate through marriage and the possibility of divorce. It is said that if a planet is weak in the birth chart but strong in the D9 or Navamsa chart, the planet will give good results in its Dahsa or Antar-Dasha periods. This can be easily seen from the Navamsa chart. The remainder will tell us the Navamsa Sign. In actual use, it frequently yields outcomes relating to both of these components, albeit it frequently seems to favour the earth element more. It represents the state and condition of home and property. There will be a balanced time in your life to enjoy the good times and there also be bad times to face in your life. What Kind of Yogas are they forming. If the Moon and Saturn conjunction in 11th house, the native will be affluent, have many children, endure a long life, have servants, and be educated, keen, brave, and elegant. Moon in 11th House Natives are Irresistible. Moon in 11th house also gives wealth from marriage. This tells us how people who have a miserable life early on become very wealthy and prosperous in the later half of their life. 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Moon here also make one travel guide, tourist guide, care taker or manager of palaces, museums,castles, long monarch, heritage buildings etc, Moon here makes native inclined towards artistic activity like, singing, playing instruments, writing, painting, editing, acting ,dancing as well. However, they can also be celibate. He/ She will have quick temper however, it wont last long. The natives of the Moon in the 11th house give you a warm and extroverted personality. Moon: When Moon is in the 7th house of Navamsa Chart then the spouse will have a emotional personality. With the moon and the sun in the eleventh house, a person always desires children. Perhaps, the natives dont know that they are popular because they are always self-doubtful. Therefore, one of the biggest use of the Navamsa chart is to determine the strength of planets of the Birth Chart. Whenever i have gone to other astrologers, they usually say generic stuff about me and my future but your prediction was to the point. Venus is the lord of the 11th house, Taurus sign, for the Cancer ascendant. Take. Moon in this house makes a person get lot of perks and plaudits from superiors, common people as well as people across all the community and sector.Moon in 11th house gives sudden gains and sometimes sudden loss in life.Moon in 11th house makes native earn wealth with the help of authorities, peers, superiors, friends and colleagues. 11th house in Navamsa/ D9 Chart - 11th house signifies the hopes, wishes, and desires of yours and your spouse & how many desires of yours can be met through your husband or wife. Expect some form of moodiness from the natives. If D9-ascendant happens to be 9th or 12th to the D1-ascendant, physical needs may be very high. . This placement represents intercaste marriage. Any person who is born with the Moon and Saturn in conjunction will be facing the Sade Sati midpoint at the time of their birth, which could make for a difficult life for the native. It tells us the overall health of the marriage and spouse. S/he has mystical people coming at home and they find past life families through them which eventually turns into a strong connection. While Jupiter makes the person extremely knowledgeable. Ketu is a shadowy planet that represents monastery, ashram, intuition, dark secrets, wounds, cut, injury, knives, sharp objects, robbers, thieves , past life connections and spirituality. Moon and Saturn are known as Punarphoo yoga, therefore, natives may have to do several measures to achieve accomplishment in their life. Moon placement here gives special attachment with mother and children. Sun: When Sun is inResults of 7th Lord of Navamsa or D9 chart the 7th house of Navamsa Chart then the spouse will have an interest in music and instrument, will have self ego and will want self-respect in the society. It represents the strength of a persons luck and fate. If the 5th from the D9-ascendant is occupied by Jupiter and venus, you could get ravishing beauty as your wife. This includes all the hard work, perseverance and sacrifice. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This means that if the planet is weak in the D9 chart, there is not much that can be done to make the planet strong and improve the results. Ketu can destroy all the hindrances in marriage. Overall, they are two different personalities in one body. will affect the personality of the natives. Moon and Saturn are known as Punarphoo yoga, therefore, natives may have to do several measures to achieve accomplishment in . Because their placement clearly indicates a relationship, it is uncommon to see a native with their placement who is unable to wed. For Planets that are Exalted in the D1 Chart, one can give 5 points to those planets. Venus: If Venus is the 7th Lord, extremely rich, successful, spiritually oriented, does good deeds, good children, enjoys plenty of riches and conveyances, has company of good Person. If the 7th house lord is strong or if it is positioned in Upchaya house, the native gets a spouse from a higher status. Many astrologers also say that predictions should be made with the help of Navamsa Chart along with the Birth Chart because the D9 chart holds such a important role in several predictions. Moon in 11th house For Aries ascendant. For example, the Sun is placed in the 10th house of D1 chart. In some rare instances, an unhappy marriage may also occur with their placement. Native may also get recognition and laurels in their life due to their support.Moon in this particular bhav gives lot of popularity and support from opposite sex. The majority of Vedic astrological texts classify Saturn as a balanced planet, despite the fact that some fortune tellers believe it to be a male/masculine planet. Astrology is not so easy to understand and it's not that difficult to master. Native becomes fortunate and starts growing in their career and there will be rise in prosperity as well after marriage. She will be beautiful and will have a fair complexion. Moon: If the 7th Lord is Moon then the spouse will be happy, Loved by people, expert in agriculture, talkative, fond of liquids. Keep reading to find out what are the positive and negative effects of the Moon in 11th house in navamsa chart. This intense willpower is only gained from Sun. However, if you are a Astrology Student or Lover, you might be keen into knowing just the theory and heres how its done. S/he loves to be aloof and isolated. As per, The moon in the 11th house shows a hard time balancing out personal relations. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases., Copyright 2023 Ancient Astrology Talks. He is positioned eleventh from his own sign, with the ninth houses bhavat bhavam! You might find yourself getting attracted to them because they are irresistible. At the same time, they can also be disconnected from own family. This astrology channel is like a encyclopedia of astrology. 1st House: The first house shows us the self in relationship dynamics. S/he may face issues with in-laws/spouse family. As per, The Moon in the 11th house indicates a successful career with your creative abilities. What each house represents in the D9 Navamsa Chart? Native may go to foreign land for their education. Moon in this specific position gives special affection and benefits from Mother. However, it would not be life-threatening. What I bring to the table is the truth about astrology and astronomy of India. Moon in this particular house also helps the natives excel in any creative field. They can have huge friend circle and may lack desires of life. Whether, the person will gain the inherited properties of his spouse, or whether the person will be richer after marriage is seen from the 2nd house. At the same time, if Venus is also in a benefic sign and the 7th house lord is well placed in the D9 chart. Prosperity after marriage is seen when the 7th house lord occupies the 2nd house in the D9 Chart. Debilitated In most circumstances, the Moon is benefic in the eleventh house, yet it may turn malefic in some cases. It makes the native impulsive. Moon in this very placement makes native confused and over ambitious sometimes. As per marriage predictions of astrology, married life will have a good time in life. They could get wealth by buckling down for themselves. The moon in the 11th house shows a hard time balancing out personal relations. Moon with this placement in horoscope gives secret friendship and taboo affairs in life. Venus and Rahu in the eleventh house. Writer, Astrologer, Numerologist, Palmist, Vastu Expert, & The Teacher of Occult Subjects Shankar Bhattacharjee, a respected & well known name in the Vedic Astrology field. What kind of family the person going to have whether joint or nuclear. They can be getting better results after 40 years old. This article highlights how your marital life, career, and love life will be. If the 7th happens to be the house of saturn and if malefic are in it, the spouse could look old or it could be a second marriage. He or she will be honest as well as well educated and will hold a high status in the society. Venus will be exalted if he is located in the 9th house of the Pisces sign. They appreciate respectable fortune. Moon in 11th house in Birth Chart- Gains and Loss. Without support native do not get his or her desired fulfilled. But before the age of 42, s/he disconnect themselves from material life. Embrace this time as you are an interesting personality. Moon in this bhav gives lot of conjugal bliss, harmony and sometimes more than two children in life. The spouse will be fond of luxury items and all sorts of material comforts. Impact of Moon here gives lot of fondness for travel and business. I do not make regular weekly horoscope because unless your horoscope is present in front of me, giving you a general weekly horoscope is as good as suicide of astrology. Native will also gain much from relationship and their partner support and help native to make their life easy and comfortable. It is also called the Dharmamsha Chart or simply D9 chart. They are not introverts; rather, they always yearn to be with someone who appreciates them, thinks for them, and offers them enjoyable company. Native could have bad throat, bad stomach, chest congestion, etc. Will be very caring and loving to the native. This also indicates that the spouse will be from a foreign land and will often speak languages that you do not know. If the lord of the 7th house is placed in 6, 8, 12 but is in a strong position forming yogas, exalted or aspected by benefic planets, the person gets married but may face some problems in married life. They are always able to attain wealth no matter how bad the situation is for them. The society can perceive the couple as a very spiritual one. Jupiter or Jupiter with Moon in the 7th house of the Navamsa indicates the person happy and devoted to the spouse. Partnership business makes native very wealthy. Moon in this 11th bhav gives lot of monetary gains along with property outside birth place through various means. It also represents a possibility of divorce and break in marriage. Will the Love Life of Natives With the Moon in 11th House in Navamsa Chart Flourish? There is a possibility of marrying ones childhood sweetheart. 11th House: It represents the hopes, wishes and desires of the spouse and whether or not, a person can fulfil those desires or not. 9th house: The 9th house represents the luck and fortune in marriage. The 11th house in astrology signifies finance. The locals may possess the talent to introduce a new product that makes their life significantly more prosperous. Being isolated is very important for them. My website: http://www.astrologykrs.comLink to my astrology school: https://krschannel.thinkific.comHoroscope consultation- . However, s/he will reject religion after marriage or after age of 36. Birthstone for December What Birthstone is for December? The spouse will be fond of literature and writing. 4th house It shows us the state and condition of the home in marriage. As moon resides in Saturn's sign, it exhibits that relationship with mother proves to be really heavy karmic encumbrance. Who doesnt like the idea of settlement in a foreign land? The Moon in the 11th house says that the love life of the natives will be troublesome from the start. Hence, they will always wait for the right person. When the Moon is in 11th house, the natives should or can get married between the age of 24 to 30. They might be given the honour or promoted. Moon in 11th bhav gives sudden emotional outburst in native. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. Navamsa chart is one of the important divisional chart and shows the second half of life of the individual or life of the individual after marriage. Venus: The spouse of the native will be very beautiful. What happens when the moon is in 11th house a lot of people want to know that. Apart, from planets strength, D9 is widely used for the purpose of checking marriage and marriage conditions of the native. You will have an artistic journey in your life that will put you on the path of success and you will make a great fortune out of it. Moon here gives very deep emotional bonding with their partner such that even after partying ways, person longs for the same person and sometimes becomes obsessive chaser or stalker. Moon in this house makes a person get lot of perks and plaudits from superiors, common people as well as people across all the community and sector.Moon in 11th house, Moon with this placement also gives some solid backing in career from seniors and peers. It tells us how people look at the marriage and their views and public opinion. If the 7th lord conjunct with the 6th lord and also venus, there will be separation or divorce. If the position of any planet improves in the Navamsa chart over its position in the natal chart, it gives a beneficial result. Generally speaking, it tends to produce effects that may be more manly than feminine. One may need to loose their identity to serve marriage. Check the Atmakaraka Planet of the Birth Chart and check its position in the D9 chart. Also, when the 1st house of Lagna of Birth Chart and the 1st house Lagan of D9 chart is of the same sign, the planet will come into the status of Vargottama. 7th house It represents the type of spouse, a person will get, her or his personality, traits and characteristics. 1st House: The first house shows us the self in relationship dynamics. You might end up marrying your truly desired partner which can be your twin flame or soul mate. There can be split in career or the native can do something different or entirely new after marriage. First, second, fourth, seventh, tenth and eleventh house planets from the Indu . Commonly interpreted as D9, it is a more detailed view of the 9th house of a birth chart. Spouse will be loving and caring towards native and will also fulfill domestic responsibilities. Shower lots of compliments however, maybe, it wont be enough. Otherwise, they will face some major issues in their love life. It holds such a great importance in vedic predictions that it is the second most important chart to read after looking at Rashi or Birth Chart. Moon and Saturn Conjunction in 11th House in Navamsa Chart. why are prefixes not used in naming ionic compounds, houses for rent in valdosta, ga under $600,

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