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The need to get away from it all for some peace and quiet now and again will be strong. Saturn transits to Lilith bring the invitation to structure how instinct functions in the person's life. You are more open and accepting on an emotional level. When transit Saturn is conjunct your natal Neptune, you have very negative mood swings, with confusion, uncertainty, and doubts about how to structure your life from now on. Neptune transits conjunct Mars Although your focus may be compromised and physical energy scattered, there is a strong potential for you to improve your intuition and magnetic powers. What does Mercury rule in your chart? Thats Neptune in the broad sense.. Im not off right?? There I watched a movie at an open-air, drive-in theatre: Brother Sun, Sister Moon, sitting in the back of a truck and leaning against the cab under the stars. +Problems could lose some of their definition and appear less difficult now. Often there is an undercurrent to this period that can interfere quietly yet strongly with an established routine while making it a challenge to recognize what is amiss. You might have a sense of living in a dream world or of being awake in your own dream. These are extremely good times to open up to the psychic, spiritual and hidden world, but you must have clear priorities, and take the necessary time to change the basic structures of life. Try not to borrow from your future, not just with regards to finances. Quick question if you have time? If you cannot help yourself, seek medical help, especially if you suffer from anxiety or depression. Why is this transit Neptune Conjunct my natal Jupiter feel off? A tendency to avoid or evade life through television, fantasy, intoxicants, or even spirituality. The house of the conjunction gives more information about in which area it manifests primarily. A time during which you may be able to carry your ideals and dreams into reality to make your home and environment reflect your inner desires and become as you dreamed it could be. You look for a deeper meaning, but everything requires a lot of effort and work. Jimmy Carter surprise storytelling, a 20 Feb 2023 article, talking about his Canadian connections; the well known Iran rescue late 1979 thru 80, but not so well known 1952/53 NRX accident and cleanup, which has crept into the news cycle. Transiting Neptune conjunct your natal Saturn. Similarly for singles, your romantic and love needs are evolving. If lord of the 7th, your partner may disappoint you in a profound way during this period. Mystical oneness. Both opposition to Saturn (10th cusp Virgo) Reply. This is the time to spread your wings and explore imaginative new possibilities. One purpose of this process is to widen your vision to accept more possibilities than you ordinarily consider while at the same time to make you aware of the subtleties involved in attaining any result. Neptune Transits Opposition Saturn I think it could be very boring and passionless. You may be forced to keep a secret in your job. When transit Neptune is trine, or sextile, to your natal Saturn, there is a balance between idealism and reality. You are more imaginative now, and easily swayed by the opinions of others. Intuitive or psychic development courses, meditation, spiritual healing, dream work, and other such teachings or practices would benefit you a great deal at this time also. Aim to keep things in reasonable proportions. The best part is you are able to ask any specific questions you have. I met someone born 11 days before me same year. If you like being in control, this can make it difficult since what you have depended upon may lose its effectiveness without any reason or due to circumstances outside your influence. Look to the houses of your natal chart with Taurus and Libra on the cusp for areas of your life where Neptune is acting to dissolve outdated attitudes and refine perceptions. Transiting Saturn brings structure to your life and it strip the fun out of any planet it touches. Pessimism can get out of control; you should do your best to avoid this. Neptune transits to Mercury directly affect your curiosity, learning, communication skills, self-promotion, the formulation of ideas, and your ability to rationalize and think logically. Because even with a normal childhood, you will likely struggle with fear, insecurity, negativity, loss, and disappointment. Rewards for past good deeds or special projects can seem to magically appear at this time. You may be set up for a fall or disgrace. The asteroid is only four minutes away from being in an exact opposition with my natal Pluto, so this is an aspect that will happen concurrently with transiting Neptune's opposition to that planet. Age of Aquarius chart Saturn 20Pis15 sextile Sun, under a wider lens, one of the more cohesive aspects between my daughter and I. The more confidence you have, the easier it is to handle. This is a good year for self-improvement programs or efforts. Although you may worry about your material needs, you realize how little you really need. Your are more hopeful and faithful. +The problems and responsibilities of life may be seen in a new light, as part of a larger drama you are living (almost like a dream). 14/04/2017 Jessica Davidson. Increased compassion and sympathetic awareness of others. Using the Midheaven, the True Node and Saturn discover where your true potential and Career lies. To the extent that you are missing some important components, a feeling of being off course probably will surface. But first, you must learn, practice, and perfect the skills you need to succeed. Knowing that physicists believe in extra dimensions may help you move from confusion to enlightenment during Neptune conjunct Saturn transit. Theres a rhythm to it too, since the Comet perigee, the celestial-terrestial map or grid art, performing art, political art. Your intuition is excellent and the imaginative changes that you introduce now are likely to work very nicely. At an extreme, you may withdraw from the normal workings of your life into a more imaginative and dreamier one, whether it's of your own making or programmed by someone else (like the . Would this be a good or bad matchup. This communication was recorded and has been published as a book this year with another one pending. (strangely enough i commemorated the Neptune ingress of Pisces by registering an email ID, see Sun sextile Neptune). You are more sensitive than ever to emotional stimulus at this time, as your love and pleasure nature is heightened, open, and perhaps vulnerable to influence. Natal Saturn conjunct Chiron can indicate a rigid personality. *Your approach to your work and career is highly imaginative at this time, and you come up with interesting, creative ideas. It is a time where your view of the world will be challenged. 75 days. Discovering that some of your perceptions of the world are in fact wrong can cause disappointment and anxiety. You may feel sorry for others and try to save them. . Close your eyes; theres a world in there. Such steps can produce long-term results. to suggest another persons mental beliefs and delusions that go with them will do anything but add to any pot of stewing confusion, as any and all beliefs do. During my summer vacations (I was a student at Cape Town University) I hitch-hiked to visit a friend who lived 1500 Km away, in Swaziland. Find your highest truth with the help of a gifted psychic reader. You may enjoy the fruits of past labor or good deeds. There is a reason behind this identity crisisyou are learning to let go of ego attachments. Often it feels like the structures upon which you have built your life, and have come to depend on, are no longer dependable. You are able to see whats really going on below the surface. Natal moon is widely conjunct as well. If lord of the 5th, this is not a good time for speculation or investments. Neptune transits conjunct Moon Ambiguity surrounds your emotional and domestic life at this time. Saturn conjunct Chiron natal aspects are connected with low self-esteem and an inner expectation to accomplish a lot. Yet, with patience, you're capable of creating great wonders. Fear is also a common problem at this time, especially irrational fear with no obvious basis. Neptune transits conjunct Venus You are more sensitive than ever to emotional stimulus at this time, as your love and pleasure nature is heightened, open, and perhaps vulnerable to influence. And next time around, its going to be EXACTLY on my sun, 29 Pisces ! One response is to let the powerful, imaginative, dreamy waters of Neptune take you away someplace (in your own mind, or from someone elses) where you can be free of life's pressures and your own fears. Your writing and/or speech may become more poetic. And, while opening your heart to new possibilities, be sure to use some common sense. There are few negatives associated with this cycle, unless you are already overly idealistic, fanciful, and impractical, in which case these tendencies may be somewhat more pronounced than usual. Say yes to your silly desire to paint, or write poetry, or to use your imagination in creative ways that may be new to you. This allows you to work hard to achieve your ideals. You are prone to shoot for the stars now, but never get off the ground. Self delusion. Find out important dates in 2022 that can be a improve your relationships, career opportunites and health considerations. And, while opening your heart to new possibilities, be sure to use some common sense. What begins as confusion can eventually actually augment our perception and our understanding. The effects of this transit will have much to do with the condition of Mars in your chart. Get report personalized to your birth now. Grazie! 17 May 1953 Bob Marks says thst during this transit, he came into full light as an astrologer, and he to my mind is a great elucidator of the emorphous, who is also, as it seems I am, posed at this transit to bring clarity, find clarity and bring it to a world living amorphoudsly in the mists of neptunes transiting. chart February 19, 2012 at Sun conjunct Neptune, transits Fenruary 19, 2023. Transiting Neptune conjunct your natal Saturn. It may be difficult for others to understand you or you might be communicating in such a way that you are not clear. If you are secure in your limitations and have been responsible, honest, and fair in your dealings, this can be a satisfying time of life. You are more sensitive than ever, and through the course of this transit, your emotional life opens up to incorporate more refined, subtle and understated perceptions. You are likely to form new relationships of both a personal and business nature that you have high hopes for, but you are likely to eventually become disappointed by these relationships. There is a strong desire for peace and harmony, and perhaps some sense that you have to make sacrifices for that end. In fact, the outer world has become so pressing in its demands that youve partly lost contact with the inner one. I throroughly enjoyed it. If you are normally a materialistic person, it is a time of severe anxiety. The guy was 10 days older than me and born on the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Libra 1953. *Some adjustments in the way you express yourself and treat others are required now. Why is this transit Neptune Conjunct my natal Jupiter feel off? Your dreams are likely to become more vivid, and you can be quite susceptible to mood swings. The artist Georges Braque (006) said: Truth exists, only falsehood has to be invented. You will only gain confidence and self-respect when you face reality and stop deceiving yourself and others. It was a very good thing for me, and wish you the same! Finances can suffer under this transit if you have a tendency to live on credit. The pleasures of life are experienced fully. You can make practical changes to reach a higher and more spiritual reality. You may be more compassionate now. Find out important dates in 2023 that can be a improve your relationships, career opportunities and health considerations. Your desires are tender and compassionate. Only you will know how much hard work went into making your efforts look effortless. I did and I moved in. Youve heard Pisces meets Aries is like mixing water and vinegar, or maybe oil and vinegar? . Very silly. The transit of Neptune quincunx natal Saturn is a period of hard-to-diagnose health problems and deceptive conditions at work. There is a strong tendency to exaggerate and put on a front to impress others and gain the advancement that you seek. 2023 will bring powerful changes as Saturn will be moving into Pisces in March! If lord of the 3rd, you will develop wisdom as you begin to understand the true meanings of what you learned as a child. Others may think you are self-sacrificing, but you are not actually denying yourself anything that you need. Look to the houses of your natal chart with Gemini and Virgo on the cusp for areas of your life where Neptune is acting to refine. First, some part of your reality will be harshly challenged, causing you to be disoriented. On the other hand, you can be extremely inspired if your personality is extroverted, and/or if you work with Neptune instead of against it. Yes, I have Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra and in my early 20's became involved with automatic writings received from discarnate sources. I know our struggles with getting on the same page are not all my fault because I found myself caught in the middle of relationship dynamics but this transit illuminates how the lack of clarity in my life is really sourcing from within me (or from Neptunes influence). You are easily charmed, and you must watch for a tendency to see what you want to see in romantic partners, rather than for who or what they are. Planetary Positions Calculations/Report. Jupiter will spend the first part of 2023 in Aries, its a great time to start new projects and adventures, especially if you have Aries placements. Meditate. The following are interpretations of Neptunes transits to planets and points. What is in fact foretold is the trend of circumstances and the nature of the individual's reaction to the situation. Energy levels may be low or up-and-down, and you might be more inclined towards laziness or passivityjust letting things happen without fighting back. You do not feel very confident. If Venus is involved, our love life is unusual or confused. This is a time when your beliefs may be questioned and found inadequate. Why? Saturn ingress Pisces, long awaited reprieve from people stressed by its dignity.

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neptune conjunct saturn transit